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Infection and Immunity Zurich

Infection and Immunity Zurich

Pictures Infection and Immunity

Impressions from the network 'Infection and Immunity Zurich'. For details see Gallery.

Infectious diseases remain a challenge for human health. For the majority of infectious diseases neither vaccines nor curative or preventive therapeutics are available and the efficiency of existing medications often declines due to the emergence of drug resistance. In order to define novel therapeutic options for infectious diseases, a better understanding of host pathogen interaction is needed. For this purpose, the network ‘Infection and Immunity Zurich’ unites clinicians, medical researchers and basic researchers from the University of Zurich (UZH), the ETH Zurich (ETH), the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) and University Children's Hospital Zurich (Kispi). Our mission

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'Infection and Immunity Zurich' is a network of Hochschulmedizin Zürich.